How should I present my donation? 
Let's take care of it right away, so that we can get right to the good stuff!

If we're meeting behind closed doors... please place your donation on the nearest surface in an unmarked envelope before freshening up in my well-stocked restroom.

If we have a fun public date planned...  At the start of our date, present your gift in an envelope or book (or other innocuous item... feel free to get creative!). Please.. don't put me in the position of having to ask infront of a nosy bartender.

What will you be wearing?
It depends where we're meeting! My many "past lives" allow me to blend in nearly anywhere you have in mind. For outcalls to hotels and private residences, my default is business casual attire.

Do you take special outfit requests?
I want this to be your fantasy date! If I have it in my closet -- yes! If you have something more specific in mind, gift cards are appreciated :).

What should I bring?
Unless you have special requests, you just need to bring yourself.

Are your rates negotiable? 
Absolutely not. Please, don't even ask. 

What's your cancellation policy?
I require 24 hours of advance notice. Dates cancelled with less than 24 hours will incur a $200 cancellation fee.

What forms of payments do you take? Do you take electronic payments? 
I accept cash, prepaid gift cards, and electronic payments. Please give me advance notice if you plan to preset a gift card and include a receipt. 
I am open to discussing electronic payments if we have met previously. 

Where is your incall located?
I do not maintain a permanent incall... yet! For now, all of my dates take place in Midtown West or East in upscale, discreet, pre-screened 4-star hotels or in private apartments downtown.

But....where EXACTLY are you located?
I get it... I like planning my commute, too. However, I do not disclose my address until shortly before our date. I confirm all dates 24 hours in advance, and once you've confrmed, I'll provide the cross streets.  

Do you have any friends you could introduce me to? 
I have several exceptionally beautiful, low-profile women who I would be happy to arrange sessions with! 

Are your photos real..? Recent? How can I be sure? Can you send me more? Do you blur your face because you have a giant face tattoo?
Very!  My most recent photos were taken April 2018. 

I do not send additional pictures or send face pictures. Like you, I have a vibrant social and career life in New York. Privacy is an absolute must.

Can I bring a gift? What do you like to drink/eat?
Gifts are certainly not expected, but always greatly appreciated.While I update my wishlist page, here's a quick primer.

I am equally overjoyed by books & thoughtful trinkets as I am by designer goods :).

Drink: Behind closed doors, Pinot Noir & Malbec's are my go-to's. Anything with bubbles is fun, too! If you really want to impress, an interesting natural wine will blow me away. Day Wines from Oregon are my *absolute* favorite. As for hard liquor -- when the occasion calls for it, I opt for top-shelf Tequila. 

Food: As for food...  I*love* going out to eat on dates, and have no problem finding something at nearly every restaurant. However, I'd strongly prefer you not bring sweets or treats! Between My Type A devotion to a healthy diet and a serious food allergy,  I would hate for your lovely gesture to go to waste. 

Flowers: Sunflowers, Peonies, Roses... just about anything to brighten up the room!